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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


i hear sounds
people talking nor a birds
i hear something synthetic
the Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
passing within my mind
caressing me
enforcing my senses to feel and see
i seat on nobody's people ground
little people pass by
none of them en captured my heart
i see a pastel sky with clouds like cotton
it's not the bluest sky nor the whitest cloud
every moment pass
i feel distant from this world
word's can't describe my disappointment
to everything i held dear
i'm seating on no man's ground
little people pass me by
no voice just move
without a kindness or leaving an impression
i feel the ground shaking upon me
little people pass me by again
they see 'no' me
i only see reflections
of what something that called 'immaterial'
i always love the world
but not this world
i'am kindness
which you never see
call my name
your ears are filled with this busy sound
never i could feel so tedious
black is my colour
and my mysteries

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