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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


i feel so blind
but i'm also bounded
shiny reflection from faraway
those Damaged People
i smell green
but it's not green
i see steps of people waiting
i'm one of them
is something that fills me
can you hear me?
those kind of joy
can you pass me that?
never a day
i could feel happy for myself
give me lights
but not this 'lights'
enlighten me with joy
for me i'm so sinful
look at me of what you see
a lonely nightingale
a scared kitten
an angry bee
an envious spider
destroy me
of which you can see me
i'm no god
mor a good person
i'm a yellow line
of bad and evil
whisper me
the song of the saint
enlighten me with joyous happiness
tell me a secret
i wouldn't know
or not expected to know
i'm calling you darling
save my soul

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