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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


people always wanting for more
we're praying the things that we have
i'm insane
a ray of light is not enough
this space is too big
for me who always feel alone
my soul lingers
on this empty path
of little people pass me by
i see no judgement
but people accused
what is wrong with 'gift'?
i've never hate anyone
like i want to love
but i don't know how to love
then i love everything
then i love people
then i love you
it's all wrong
and it's not enough
see me
acknowledge me
call me mad
call me as a slut
disgraceful woman
i see no meaning 
in this life
i feel no joy nor happiness
while i create
this fake happiness
don't cry for me
when i'm inside the earth
i deserve no pity
for this grey sky
i capture moments
but the memories pass me by

i'm no man's daughter

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