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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Kah Ying

Kah Ying, my friend
bright as the sun and calm like the moon
touching with her kindness
embracing every heart she met

Kah Ying, my friend
a world wonders
a magic
a ray of positive thoughts

Kah Ying, my friend
for whom i adored
for whom i loved
for whom i embrace
for whom i ask 
for whom i smile
let be
don't let any words makes you down
my beautiful, and yet, my gentle
i love you for who you are
a kind human being
like you is hard to find
my friend...

At Emily Hill


walking feeling the path
remembering Edith Piaf
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
of how i made a mistake
but i not feel bad about it
of how i was blamed
but i do not feel shamed about it


i want to feel
the sensation
of creating a moments
i want to feel
what people feel
their emotions
their breathes
their flavors
their jokes
i want to feel 
a whole person
trying to feel
being a whole person
a perfection


i remember a friend
for he i loved
the talks and joke
the question and answer
the praise and critics
the exclamation and prediction
the proud and regret
remembering times
that we spent together
our own world
we have it everyday
and i miss it every night
i long
for every moment
let time pass slow
because we're separated to fast
our walk and run
our touch and gesture
don't let it be forgotten
please don't forget it, myself
for whom i loved


i had a fight with you
forgive me
my words is sharp as knife
cold and violent
yet your heart is soft and warm
i have ruined you
forgive me
i'm not a bard who play with words
and i'm not a dancer who play with gesture
i'am nothing
so i send this sorry
in this air of silence
i'm sorry for not expressing this sorry
in words and gesture
i'm not smart
i'am nothing
your ignorance froze me
yet for uncountable times
forgive me

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

In Your Own Way

Both of us drifting,
to the roads filled with folks
Let's make them green of us
Because we are both alone in this world of ours

Let it flow
Pour your heart
I want to know everything
And i want you know everything
every each inch that we makes,
gesture that we makes,
emotion and thoughts, 
just pour it all

Let us be in our own world
Ignoring what people say
Enjoying the topics

I want to spend
A time
Many many time with you
Playing with our own momentum
Forget everything
Get Exclaimed
Question and Answer
Regret foolish things
Laughing the jokes

Did you know?
I have doubt
Many doubt of you
You ensure me
Keep it that way
In your own way
In your own way