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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

It's my typography that i made for my 2D class
it take around less than four weeks to make their sketch and their line art and colour it
and strangely it take around 7 hour to photoshop them all

*Please don"t use it without my permission

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

it's me with my friend's keffiyeh.
he photoed me for his GM Project's (school stuff).
there are many student's who got portrayed wearing his keffiyeh, showing many different race and faces wearing this arabic stuff (he want to show his arab lineage).
i like this photo besides of the quality of it. i just think the keffiyeh suits with me since it's also show my arabic (more to persian) lineage.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


people always wanting for more
we're praying the things that we have
i'm insane
a ray of light is not enough
this space is too big
for me who always feel alone
my soul lingers
on this empty path
of little people pass me by
i see no judgement
but people accused
what is wrong with 'gift'?
i've never hate anyone
like i want to love
but i don't know how to love
then i love everything
then i love people
then i love you
it's all wrong
and it's not enough
see me
acknowledge me
call me mad
call me as a slut
disgraceful woman
i see no meaning 
in this life
i feel no joy nor happiness
while i create
this fake happiness
don't cry for me
when i'm inside the earth
i deserve no pity
for this grey sky
i capture moments
but the memories pass me by

i'm no man's daughter


i feel so blind
but i'm also bounded
shiny reflection from faraway
those Damaged People
i smell green
but it's not green
i see steps of people waiting
i'm one of them
is something that fills me
can you hear me?
those kind of joy
can you pass me that?
never a day
i could feel happy for myself
give me lights
but not this 'lights'
enlighten me with joy
for me i'm so sinful
look at me of what you see
a lonely nightingale
a scared kitten
an angry bee
an envious spider
destroy me
of which you can see me
i'm no god
mor a good person
i'm a yellow line
of bad and evil
whisper me
the song of the saint
enlighten me with joyous happiness
tell me a secret
i wouldn't know
or not expected to know
i'm calling you darling
save my soul


i hear sounds
people talking nor a birds
i hear something synthetic
the Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
passing within my mind
caressing me
enforcing my senses to feel and see
i seat on nobody's people ground
little people pass by
none of them en captured my heart
i see a pastel sky with clouds like cotton
it's not the bluest sky nor the whitest cloud
every moment pass
i feel distant from this world
word's can't describe my disappointment
to everything i held dear
i'm seating on no man's ground
little people pass me by
no voice just move
without a kindness or leaving an impression
i feel the ground shaking upon me
little people pass me by again
they see 'no' me
i only see reflections
of what something that called 'immaterial'
i always love the world
but not this world
i'am kindness
which you never see
call my name
your ears are filled with this busy sound
never i could feel so tedious
black is my colour
and my mysteries