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Thursday, 29 September 2011

At Emily Hill


walking feeling the path
remembering Edith Piaf
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
of how i made a mistake
but i not feel bad about it
of how i was blamed
but i do not feel shamed about it


i want to feel
the sensation
of creating a moments
i want to feel
what people feel
their emotions
their breathes
their flavors
their jokes
i want to feel 
a whole person
trying to feel
being a whole person
a perfection


i remember a friend
for he i loved
the talks and joke
the question and answer
the praise and critics
the exclamation and prediction
the proud and regret
remembering times
that we spent together
our own world
we have it everyday
and i miss it every night
i long
for every moment
let time pass slow
because we're separated to fast
our walk and run
our touch and gesture
don't let it be forgotten
please don't forget it, myself
for whom i loved


i had a fight with you
forgive me
my words is sharp as knife
cold and violent
yet your heart is soft and warm
i have ruined you
forgive me
i'm not a bard who play with words
and i'm not a dancer who play with gesture
i'am nothing
so i send this sorry
in this air of silence
i'm sorry for not expressing this sorry
in words and gesture
i'm not smart
i'am nothing
your ignorance froze me
yet for uncountable times
forgive me

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